About Us

YTM launched the Most Modern Massage Market called the Xtreme Massage (XM) which is incorporated in the section called “SPA/Therapy”.

We know how important to have full relaxation, revitalization, and refreshment after a long day of hard works. So we resort going to SPA / Massage Clinics which gives us a 100% great touch that relieves our body pains.

However, in times where we want immediate relief right on your home or office, we got an alternative choice for you…

YTM introduces great worth-buying and winnable items such as tools, gadgets, and equipment customized by this era of advanced technologies just to fit or suit to individual’s needs of comforts and refreshments at his/her most convenient time.

As our commitment to serving you, our pleasure to invite you and enjoy shopping at YTM – SPA/Therapy Section for your alternative choice of relief in the form of massage, therapy, and reflexology.

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